Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Sweet Valentines

I had to offer my first ever re-shoot for a session..... I just couldn't get the children to look at the camera or stay by the backdrop or stop moving even for a second. The father was gone so it was just the mother and she was really busy so couldn't help much.... and my heart sank when I ended the session with nothing.
Well, fortunately the children were available for a second try, a week later, and their parents were both home this time so their dad could help out.
The second try was a completely different experience and I got a LOT of keepers. Schwew!

I am the mom and the children are mine :)

My sweet valentines.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jane and Brian

I had the chance to photograph Jane and Brian with their two cats today...what beautiful light they had in their home!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Portrait Party Final Round

I've just finished proofing the sessions from Sunday's portrait parties! Here are the last few that I'll be sharing here. Moms and Dads, your gallery should be up today!!
Thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful and spunky children!

Check out my little friend who didn't want to miss out on the tutu fun....but did add some pirate headwear to balance it out. Gotta love him.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Portrait Party #1

Today I had my first portrait party and it went great. Abbey and Steve were wonderful hosts and so generous with their time and help. Abbey set up a schedule for the guests, allowing about a half hour for each guest, which worked out perfectly. She also helped keep us on track, making sure that the next guests on the schedule were always ready to go. I was fortunate to photograph a lot of great children (and my friend Gus the dog) today and met some great parents. Thank you, Abbey and Steve--I had a blast and appreciate all of your hard work on the party!

I will be putting one or two photos of each child from the party up here on the blog to give the guests their sneak peeks. I'll be doing them in groups, as I continue through proofing them. Keep checking in if you haven't seen your children yet...they will be coming soon! The gallery of all of today's images should be up later in the week.

The first batch....